Hi, I'm Carrie Joy! I began my journey with photography as a way to remember. I fell in love with capturing the world on my trips from Ecuador to Morocco to Belgium and in that time really found my voice as a story teller. In the beginning, the stories I told were of the people and cultures around the world. 

But, capturing my first wedding changed everything — I realized the importance of love stories and the part I could play in helping everyone see just how special and loved they really are. 

I love people! One of the greatest joys in my life is getting to know people and serving them through photography. I love capturing the beauty, joy and emotion found in life’s special moments. And, I adore capturing emotion -- a groom's look when he's saying his vows, a tear in a father's eye as he's giving his daughter away, a bride's beaming smile as she slips into her wedding dress. 

I love everything about long summer days, nights full of fireflies, drinking my Grandpa's sun tea (a special family recipe), eating fresh produce from the garden and loving on my family & friends. I grew up in South Carolina and after moving around quite a bit have settled with my darling husband and sweet pup in Marietta, Georgia, a city full of Southern charm just outside of Atlanta.