Richard & Hannah - A Jazzy, Al Fresco Wedding at Five Seasons Westside in Atlanta

Richard & Hannah's wedding - what an amazing & fun day! You'll begin to see more as you scroll through the images below, but I seriously felt like I just giggled all day. Hannah, your laugh is adorable & infectious! So many emotions present - there were tears (happy ones, of course), we laughed a lot (as mentioned), the tangible love everyone felt between the new Mr. & Mrs. as well as the love and care between Richard & Hannah & their family members. And the 5 Seasons Westside was the perfect backdrop for a delightful outdoor ceremony & jazzy party under the stars! 

Richard & Hannah - I adored being a part of your day. Thank you so much for enjoying the day, being yourselves & inviting me into one of the most fun celebrations I've ever been a part of! I am so grateful to have met you both & gotten to know you. Enjoy the photos, y'all! Love - Carrie Joy

The authentic emotional moments started early! There were "misty eyes" everywhere when Hannah came out in her dress. Awww...

I don't think I've ever laughed as hard through family photos as I did with Hannah & her family. Her brothers were cracking me up the entire day! So much fun!

After getting ready & taking some photos at the Georgian Terrace, we moved on to the Five Seasons Westside for the ceremony & reception!

It was an emotional walk down the aisle for Hannah & her dad making it hard for all of us to hold the emotions back!

Richard's smiles at Hannah during the ceremony were so full of love & joy. Adore!

Mid-ceremony, Hannah & Richard shared promises they had written to each other & placed them for safe-keeping in a gorgeous wooden promise box. It was one of my favorite moments of their ceremony!

Nothing beats that giddy "we're officially married" feeling! :)

After some portraits of the adorable couple, it was back to the tent for toasts & the start of the reception!

Richard surprised Hannah with a special solo performance of "From this Moment On" accompanied by music by the amazing Bonaventure Quartet. It was followed by their first dance as husband & wife!

Without a doubt, the parent dances are when I get the most emotional at weddings, and Richard, Hannah and their parents didn't disappoint! As the sun set on the gorgeous fete, the string lights began to twinkle & the ambiance just sparkled...

Instead of wedding cake, Richard & Hannah shared wedding pie! Definitely a hit with everyone! :)

love. Love. LOVED the Bonaventure Quartet. I share a love of jazz with Richard & Hannah, so when they told me they'd hired a jazz quartet for their wedding, I knew it'd be an amazing party! They were so sweet to share their CD with me, and I've been listening to it non-stop since the wedding! :)

Congratulations, Richard & Hannah!