Italy Trip: Milan

Italy. Where do I even begin? This trip to Italy with my sister last November was the trip of a lifetime. We flew in and out of Milan and went on to visit Florence and Amalfi (which will have their own posts - stay tuned!). Each city had its own surprises and joys. One of the most surprising aspects for me was how much I enjoyed the planning process! I learned so much; it made me really want to plan and go on more trips!

One of the greatest discoveries of 2014 was If you have not heard of it, please go look it up right now (and message me to receive $25 off your first qualifying stay)! One of my favorite things about travel is the relationships you can make with people of other cultures. My sister Sarah and I stayed in 3 different Airbnbs while on this trip & while some places were more similar to a hotel or Bed & Breakfast, our stay with Antonella in Milan felt like a home stay with an Italian Auntie. I was amazed by Antonella & Damiano's kindness and generosity - from pots of tea to homemade meals to impromptu Italian lessons - it was a fabulous time! It was even more homey because of our love for pets; we became friends with Billo (the doggie) and Lio (the cat) who also shared their home with us.

Below are some of my favorite images from our time in Milan. These are all shot on my Pentax 645n. I carried a variety of film with me on this trip, but the shots below were taken with Ektar 100, TriX 400 and Portra 400. 

Above - my sister Sarah with Lio (the cat) and Damiano. Happy Film Friday!