Florence - A Tuscan Sunset from Giotto's Bell Tower

Welcome to my first post in the new Travel Tuesday blog series! Yay! I'm so excited to share more highlights from my trips as well as travel tips! Today I'm sharing my favorite photos from Giotto's Bell Tower! In the center of Florence (or Firenze, as the Italians say), stands the iconic Cathedral of Santa Maria del Fiore. Visitors looking for amazing views of the city have two options - to climb Giotto's Bell Tower or go to the top of the Dome. After reading a tip on Liv Sala's blog about how climbing the Tower meant not only amazing views of the city but of the Dome, I convinced my sister that climbing the 414 stairs of the Bell Tower would be totally worth it! I loved the views that awaited us not only at the top of the Tower, but all along the way! If any of you love travel planning like I do (two hands raised), you'll enjoy knowing that tickets to climb Giotto's Bell Tower can be purchased in the gift shop at the base of the Tower. If you happen to be in Florence during the high season (summer), it'd probably be beneficial to purchase tickets in advance, but since my sister & I were there at the end of November, the queue wasn't long at all! We didn't actually plan on being at the top at sunset, but it worked out that way & was absolutely perfect!! For my film friends, all these photos were taken with Kodak Ektar 100 using my Pentax 645n. And now, on to the photos!

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Happy Travel Tuesday, friends! Who's been to Florence, Italy? Please share your favorite tips in the comments below! :)