Film Friday - April's Atlanta Film Meetup - Camera Swap

Film and Community. Two things that I am oh so passionate about! They come together in the Atlanta Film Photographers group that meets up once a month to discuss topics, shoot and learn more about film together! It's been such a joy and blessing for me on my film journey! This past month, we met together for a film gear swap in which we brought and tried out each other's film gear!

Noi is so sweet and allowed me to shoot a roll of Fuji 400h through her Mamiya 645 & I love the softness and tones (there's even a fun portrait of Noi taken with her camera - so fun!). To end the evening, I borrowed the Pentax 67 camera from Ben and Colleen and shot a roll of TriX 400 through it. Love how everything came out also! I'm excited for next month as we meet to hear amazing film photographer Ryan Muirhead! Enjoy!