Kacey & Brian - A Spring Engagement Session at Hightower Falls

Brian and Kacey met in high school almost 10 years ago. "Brian would always come and talk to my friend while we were in the lunch line so he could cut in front of us,” Kacey said, “What a cool cat he thought he was…ha!”

They easily fell in love in those early years. When they made the decision to stay together when Brian left for college, they didn’t realize that it’d turn into forever! But as the days passed, they realized that life is full of great moments and tough times. The most important thing is choosing who to spend it with. “As we got older, we both realized that we wanted to share those moments with each other!"

"The thing I love most about Kacey is the thought and care that she puts into everything she does, and how much she cares about making the people around her and the people she cares most about feel loved." 

"I definitely love Brian’s spirit and personality the most. He is just always in a good mood and he has so many interests that he gets excited about. His enthusiasm is infectious! It's pretty funny to watch him when he gets excited about something - everyone who knows him knows he is getting excited when rubs his hand together. Be sure to look out for that on the wedding day! :)"

Tell me about the Proposal - "Brian and I stayed over in London for a few nights before heading home from our vacation. We agreed that riding the London Eye was one of our must do's during our stay. When we arrived to ride the Eye, I was expecting we would board it with other tourists because they normally fill the pod with 25 people; however, I had no idea that Brian had planned for us to have our own private experience! Needless to say, when we boarded the pod with just us, I began to think 'Something BIG is happening, people!' Long story short, there was champagne and chocolate truffles, and when we reached the highest point Brian proposed! What a wonderful moment we shared surrounded by the amazing views of the city."

Kacey & Brian, I have loved getting to know you both. Y'all are simply a joy to be around, and I can’t wait to capture your wedding next month! Love - Carrie Joy