Lauren & Blake - An End of Summer Engagement Session at Piedmont Park & Westside Provisions District

Happy Thursday, y'all! I'm so excited to bring Lauren & Blake's story to you today. One thing I love about these two is their strong foundation as friends. Even without hearing their story, you can just tell they are best friends. And that's a great foundation for a wonderful marriage! I asked Lauren & Blake to share the story of how they met & got engaged, so pour yourself a glass of tea and enjoy!

"We met while in school studying at the University of Florida. We actually worked together as student academic advisors for the accounting school. Through working together, we became fast friends. We finally had our first official date on Valentine's Day!"

"Shortly thereafter, we officially started dating. We both fell for each other quickly thereafter. We have been fortunate to see our relationship grow from being friends in college, to long distance (Lauren was a year ahead of Blake), to starting our professional careers in Atlanta. All along the way, we have been there for each other through the ups and downs and we can't imagine where our lives would be without each other. It has been an amazing ride so far and we are excited to start the next chapter of our lives."

"The thing I love most about Blake is his sense of humor. He is able to make me laugh at almost anything. Even after a bad day he is always able to make me smile! It makes me so happy to know I'll always have someone to remind me not to take life too seriously!"

"The thing I love most about Lauren is her work ethic. She has an unwavering ability to accomplish anything she puts her mind to. I'm very proud of everything she has accomplished professionally and personally. She has made me a better person."

About the Proposal From Blake - "In February, we planned a summer vacation to Hawaii. I determined this would be the perfect place to propose. Two obstacles remained, finding the perfect ring and safely transporting it to Hawaii without Lauren seeing it. The transporting part was more stressful than I anticipated. I had the ring with me for almost 4 days of our trip trying to find the perfect spot. Lauren and I were in Maui and found a secluded beach. Lauren was taking pictures and I told her I had a surprise. I took out the ring, got on one knee, and proposed!"

About the Proposal from Lauren - "We were on a secluded beach in Maui and I was taking pictures of the beautiful scenery (in addition to the beach, there were also beautiful mountains in the background). While I was trying to snap a picture of Blake, he all of a sudden pulled out a little box and got down on one knee and asked me to spend the rest of my life with him. Surprised and excited, I said "YES!" and the rest is history!"

Lauren & Blake - I love your sweet story & how adorable you two are together! I can't wait for your wedding next May!