Last Morning in Amalfi, Italy

Our last morning in Amalfi was full of goodbyes and last looks. The skies, though sunny when we arrived, were cloudy and overcast - as if they too were sad we were leaving (though I will say that the overcast skies made for a fabulous sunrise!). We enjoyed a delicious breakfast of local sausage & ham, bread, grapes and a croissant along with my favorite arancia rossa (blood orange) juice. Mmmmmm :) Enjoy my last looks around our B&B Ercole di Amalfi! (To see more from our lovely stay at Ercole di Amalfi check out my blog all about it HERE).

Lello with the adorable couple who lived across the street from the B&B who I was lucky to meet and chat with on one of my morning walks! Until next time - Ciao Amico Mio!