Downtown Lisbon, Portugal

Lisbon is gorgeous - positioned on the Tagus River, it spawls across seven hills (yes, like Rome).  It has some of the mildest (and nicest, if you ask me) weather of all of Europe & an incredible amount of sunny days per year! The weather was seriously fantastic for the duration of our trip! And, the gorgeous light made it a photographer's playground! Eeeeek! So many fun streets, buildings, trolleys and tiles to explore! When we travel, Tanner & I love to walk the streets, explore and eat!! Here's a few of my favorite photos from our exploration of Lisbon!

Loved this cute tram that transported passengers up and down the steep streets of the Bairro Alto!

I love the winding, sloping city streets!

Now, this next treat Tanner says is worth a return trip to Lisbon alone - lol. Ginjinia, is a cherry liquor that was said to have originated at this particular spot (Ginjinha Espinheira) in Lisbon by a friar in the 1800s. After seeing a hilarious bit by Anthony Bourdain at this particular establishment, I was down try it. And, if we're going to try a local specialty, let's go for the best, most authentic spot! I have to say, I was not really a fan of the very sweet, strong cherry liquor, but I'm always down to try new things!

This gorgeously ornate building is the Rossio Railway Station. Isn't it stunning? It's the place to catch trains heading to Sintra, which is where I'll pick up next week!

Bom dia! Have a wonderful Tuesday, friends!