Moorish Castle - Sintra, Portugal

Only about a 30 minute train ride from Lisbon, visiting Sintra felt like stepping into another world! Located in the Sintra mountain range, the temperatures were cooler, and the clouds & mist gave the area a feeling of mystery! Sintra is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and both Tanner & I named our day in Sintra a favorite of the entire trip! I highly recommend it! Our first stop was at the Moorish Castle (featured today) before we visited the colorful Pena Palace (the outline of which you can see behind Tanner in the right-hand side of the photograph below). I'll share my favorites from the Pena Palace next week! Constructed around the 8th century, the Moorish Castle walls are steep & beautiful and provide amazing views! Tanner & I loved hiking along the walls - though climbing all those stairs was definitely a work out! When we started our exploration of the castle, a thick, misty fog covered the fortress, and I felt like we'd been transported back in time. We got the best of both worlds when the sun came out, the fog rolled away and we were able to see amazing views from the highest point! Enjoy my favorite film shots from our visit to the Moorish Castle! For my film-loving friends, these images were shot using Kodak Portra 800 & Kodak Ektar 100.

This guy was a fellow film shooter from Vancouver & I just loved his analogue Nikon camera!

Happy Travel Tuesday! Come back next week for more from Sintra as I share my favorites from the Pena Palace! :-)