St Cecilia Engagement Session, Atlanta - Charity and Will

I love that Charity and Will decided to turn a long weekend trip to Atlanta into the perfect occasion to take engagement photos! And St Cecilia in Buckhead was the perfect location for this adorable duo to enjoy a few drinks at the gorgeous bar and relax together in a natural setting while I captured the laughs and sweet whispers in between!

I love engagement sessions like this that really feel like a real date — that the couple just happens to have cute photos of afterwards! In addition to the beautiful bar, I really enjoyed utilizing the gorgeous patio, and we even got in a few sweet photos along Peachtree! Aren't destination engagement sessions fun?!! Scroll to see a few of my favorite photos from the day!

Isn't the bar at St Cecilia stunning?!! The marble, those wood floors and that natural light?!! Be still my heart :-)

Charity, what is it about Will that you love the most? - "Will's passion and intensity keeps me forever intrigued by him. He has an incredibly generous heart and is beautifully committed to the people he loves. His complicated mind goes a million different ways that I love to chase, though I never quite catch it.  Will is also highly empathetic and self-aware. His honesty and forthcoming expressiveness leaves me never to wonder what is on his heart and mind. He loves fiercely and I love that. He makes me feel the perfect balance of cherished and taken care of coupled with challenged and counter-balanced. He's my perfect partner."

And for Will, what are a few things you love about Charity? - "She has a big heart and cares deeply about people. You can take Charity anywhere and she'll have a blast: out to my ranch, to a 5-star hotel/dinner, to a football game, or to a dive bar. And she's always happy. I'm the luckiest guy to have landed such a classy woman."

After a few around St Cecilia, we finished our time with a stroll along Peachtree Street!

Charity & Will - Thank you so much for the privilege of capturing this sweet time in your lives!