Moana Styled Shoot at Markay Gallery

"I know a girl from an island // she stands apart from the crowd // She loves the sea and her people // she makes her whole family proud!"

"Sometimes the world seems against you // The journey may leave a scar // But scars can heal and reveal just where you are!" - I am Moana (Song of the Ancestors)

Moana - I've been obsessed with her since watching the Disney film earlier this year. She's determined, energetic, brave and strong.I can relate to the way she loves the ocean, and I love her sense of adventure! In the beginning of the film, she's not certain of her identity but over the course of the movie you see her discover who she really is. I love the confidence she has in her identity at the end of the film!

Markay Gallery's gorgeous "Aqua" show was the perfect setting for my take on Moana. We incorporated pieces by Nadine Koski and Tina Lindsey, and Megan Quintana of Megan Quintana Artistry, created a beautiful, bronze-y look for our Moana - model Ellen Clark. I love the movement of Ellen's curls in the wind, and in true Moana style we also incorporated a tropical floral hairpiece created by K. Mike Whittle. I hope you'll enjoy some of my favorite photos from this fabulous collaboration paired with lines from "I am Moana," my favorite song from the film!

"The people you love will change you // The things you have learned will guide you // and nothing on earth can silence // the quiet voice still inside you!"

"And when that voice starts to whisper // Moana, you've come so far // Moana, listen // Do you know who you are?"

"Who am I? // I am a girl who loves my island // I'm the girl who loves the sea // It calls me!"

"I am the daughter of the village chief // We are descended from voyagers // Who found their way across the world // They call me"

"I've delivered us to where we are // I have journeyed farther // I am everything I've learned and more // Still it calls me!"

"And the call isn't out there at all, it's inside me // It's like the tide; always falling and rising // I will carry you here in my heart you'll remind me // That come what may // I know the way!"


Tips for your Engagement Session

Hi, friends! Spring is upon us and with that comes the start of Spring Engagement season! I, for one, am so glad that winter is almost over and that the flowers are out on the trees! This is one of my favorite times of the year!!

With that in mind, I thought it's about time I blogged about preparing for your Engagement session! I hope these suggestions will be helpful & as always, please reach out if have any specific questions! I love helping my couples plan! Now, on to the tips!

1. Be prepared to have Fun! One of the biggest tips I can give is to approach your Engagement session the same way you would a date. More than simply another task on your Wedding Checklist, your Engagement session can be a great way to reconnect and spend some quality time with your love, if you approach it that way! And bonus, the more relaxed and at ease you can be in your photographs, the better they turn out!

2. Keeping in mind the idea that your Engagement Session is like a date, think about locations and activities that are unique to your relationship. I love mixing a combination of traditional portraits with more interactive, candid moments during an Engagement session. Passionate about cooking together? Let’s end the session in the kitchen! Love sipping wine on the patio in the summer? Let's head to the patio of a local restaurant! Where did you go on your first date? Or, where were you engaged? Locations unique to your relationship can add another element of meaning to your engagement photos!

3. Next, when thinking about locations, think through your family & friends - does someone you know have access to a unique location that’s not typically open to the public? A family lake house, a boat, or beachside property? Picking a location not available to the public is a great way to insure that your engagement session is unique!

4. Tips on What to Wear - For me, this is the hardest part! And, I know I'm not alone! Choosing what outfits will photograph well can be tough! Before we get into specific ideas, I encourage you to think about what each of you will be comfortable in! When you feel comfortable, you look and feel confident. And confidence, my friends, always photographs well!

When thinking about how you & your partner's outfits will photograph together, avoid being too “matchy matchy,” instead, choose colors and patterns that work well together. I also suggest picking outfits with colors that compliment the location. For example, if your session is taking place in a natural environment (like a park or garden), I suggest going with shades of red, orange, yellow, pink, blue, etc. which will really pop in a natural setting. For more urban settings with a lot of neutral colors, I suggest picking bolder colors (instead of neutrals) that really pop! Stripes, polka dots and patterns are lovely as well! When thinking about patterns, stick with medium to large prints (tiny prints and stripes are hard for the camera to pick up on!).

5. I usually recommend an outfit change mid-way through the session to spice things up! Usually couples will choose one more relaxed/casual outfit and then change to something a little more dressy (examples: girl in a dress, guy in a button-up).

Also, this is a random tip, but lately, I have loved how a simple blue button-up photographs on guys! It's an effortless classic!

6. Also, you are welcome to bring props if you'd like but please keep them meaningful! I will be focusing on the relationship & interaction between you! Some couples have incorporated a sign with the wedding date, or an item that was part of the proposal story, for example.

7. The Ring - I will also be taking close-up photos of the engagement ring by itself, so it's a great idea to have the ring cleaned right before the session! I love seeing that rock really sparkle ;-)

8. I will be taking some photos that showcase the ring on your hand, so this is also a great time for a new manicure!

9. Timing - I suggest starting your Engagement session about 2.5 hours before sunset! This insures that we have plenty of pretty natural light to work with! And, this time at the end of the day (or around sunrise) is when the quality of light is most flattering! With that in mind, please be on time! Unfortunately, I cannot delay the sun going down & a late start can cut into your photo time!

I hope you've enjoyed my tips & I'm excited for all the Engagement sessions to come!

Film Friday - Jenna, Floral Designer with Gold & Bloom

About a year ago, on one of those gorgeous late winter weekends when it's not quite spring yet (but it's starting to feel like it), I asked Jenna if I could take photos of her putting together a floral arrangement. Michelle Landreau & I wanted to do a film photo shoot of some kind & are both obsessed with florals. Long story short, the light was gorgeous, we carried my dining room table to a field at Kennesaw Mountain Park & Jenna created a masterpiece. At that time Jenna was just starting her floral design business - Gold and Bloom. Now I look at how far she's come and I'm incredibly proud to call her both a friend and fellow entrepreneur! Go check out her most recent work here on Instagram - it's stunning! I can't wait to see the film from our time in Monteluce last weekend capturing some of her more recent designs, but for now, enjoy these colorful film photos from the end of last winter that have me aching for spring to come!

Oh, give us pleasure in the flowers today; 
And give us not to think so far away
As the uncertain harvest; keep us here
All simply in the springing of the year.  

- an excerpt from A Prayer in Spring, Robert Frost

Happy Friday!

Film Developed and Scanned by Richard Photo Lab

Heather & Matt - A One Year Wedding Anniversary Shoot at Barrington Hall in Roswell

Heather & Matt. Their gorgeous wedding last spring took my breath away with its beautiful florals, cute farm animals and al fresco reception at the Ruins at Kellum Valley Farm in Cleveland (see more of their beautiful day over on The Lovely Find & my post HERE). So, when Heather contacted me about doing a photo shoot to celebrate their First Anniversary, I was thrilled! We met up on the day of their anniversary - May 3 - on the grounds of the beautiful Barrington Hall in Roswell. After a few lifestyle portraits of the adorable couple, they exchanged gifts & even changed into their wedding outfits at the end of the session! I loved capturing their love all on film! Check out my favorites below & don't forget to leave them some Anniversary wishes in the comments below! Happy Tuesday!

Aren't Matt & Heather just adorable together? I love their big beautiful smiles - such joy! 

Loved Heather's adorable idea of putting their celebratory cupcakes inside of vintage china teacups!

In keeping with tradition, Heather and Matt exchanged gifts that fell under the theme of Paper - a new paperback novel, an Anniversary journal (to document this and future anniversaries) and Hawks tickets!

Isn't Heather's veil stunning? This is one of my favorite frames of the entire day. Obsessed! :)

Congratulations, Heather & Matt! I wish you many more years of happiness together! :)

Film Friday - April's Atlanta Film Meetup - Camera Swap

Film and Community. Two things that I am oh so passionate about! They come together in the Atlanta Film Photographers group that meets up once a month to discuss topics, shoot and learn more about film together! It's been such a joy and blessing for me on my film journey! This past month, we met together for a film gear swap in which we brought and tried out each other's film gear!

Noi is so sweet and allowed me to shoot a roll of Fuji 400h through her Mamiya 645 & I love the softness and tones (there's even a fun portrait of Noi taken with her camera - so fun!). To end the evening, I borrowed the Pentax 67 camera from Ben and Colleen and shot a roll of TriX 400 through it. Love how everything came out also! I'm excited for next month as we meet to hear amazing film photographer Ryan Muirhead! Enjoy!

Cozy Indoor Film Session

One of the things I love most about being a photographer is the people that I meet & get to know. Noi & Michelle are two wonderful photographers in the Atlanta area that I met through our mutual love of film photography & the Atlanta Film Photographers group that you may remember me mentioning here. After a very busy wedding season for all of us, traveling & all our varying schedules, we finally had a chance to meet up & shoot some film. It was raining the day of the shoot, so we started the day inside at lovely make-up artist Fluffy's place in Midtown. It gave us a chance to shoot inside & I loved all the details in her lovely home! Makeup by Robyn "Fluffy" Cason. All images here are Portra 800 shot with my Nikon F100. These images make me excited for fall... Enjoy!

Fluffy did the amazing hair & make up & let us shoot in her adorable flat. Loved the details!